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Ethios Web Promoters Private Limited is a leading Seo Service Provider company in Pune, India and Professional Search Engine Optimization SEO Company which uses ethical organic and white-hat seo practices and follows best seo services guidelines.




seo work plan

SEO Task to be delivered to the client


First Month Task


1:- ON PAGE SEO:- Working at backend of your website and optimizing pages, content, images, codings, adding robot.txt files, checking errors and making it search engine friendly. this is technical part. On-Page SEO refers to all the things that you can do ON your website to help you rank higher, such as page titles, internal linking, meta tags & descriptions, etc.

  1. Page Titles. Your page titles are one of the most important SEO factors on your site. …
  2. Meta Descriptions. Many people forget to include meta descriptions for their pages. …
  3. Meta Tags. …
  4. URL Structure. …
  5. Body Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.) …
  6. Keyword Density. …
  7. Image SEO. …
  8. Internal Linking.



  • Target search phrase is included in page headline.
  • Target search phrase is included in at least one sub-headline.
  • Target search phrase is repeated three to 10 times within body copy. Keep the reader in mind as you work with the target search phrase. Copy should always be reader-friendly.
  • Page should includes relevant images and/or graphics that help illustrate the target search phrase.
  • Captions for images and/or graphics include the target search phrase.
  • Content and/or tools and resources on the page are so good that visitors will want to share your link with others and post your link elsewhere.
  • Location: If you are optimizing for specific country, state, city or regional names, be sure they are in your copy and perhaps in a page footer.
  • No misspellings or poor grammar. Yes, the search engines downgrade for either.
  • Inclusion of social media links and / or user discussion or reviews. Pages with active visitor interaction are scored higher than static pages.


  • Including the target keyword/search phrase in the page URL.
  • Title tag: Every page should have an HTML title (enclosed in <title> </title> tags). The title copy should be unique, include the target keyword or target phrase, and must be 70 characters or less (any longer, and Google will truncate it anyway).
  • Meta description tag: Even if the search engines don’t weigh a meta description in ranking a page, it is very important, because it is the marketing copy for your page. The meta description in the page head-tag set (enclosed in <meta name = “description” content=””> usually appears with your organic search listing, and induces readers to click through. The meta description tag should be no longer than 160 characters, and should include your target phrase.
  • Image alt text: Use the target phrase in image alt text (embedded in the image tag as alt=”your keyword”)
  • Links from copy: Use links to other pages on your site, or other resources judiciously. Links should be relevant to your page topic. The latest research shows Google may penalize any page containing more than 100 links, and we recommend stopping well short of that number, unless there is a good reason. A few internal links (to other pages on your site) are a positive, especially if they tie together similar topics. Internal links also help search engine bots navigate and categorize your site.
  • Mobile: Make sure sites and pages intended for Mobile devices are coded so that the search engines recognize them as mobile.


Following this ON-Page SEO checklist will result in a page that’s optimized for ranking well in search. It provides a foundation for other organic search improvement efforts. We have to check the responsiveness of your web domain and check the fluctuations of keyword positioning and landing. Making changes to On Page SEO Accordingly.





2:- Off-Page SEO Services

Off-page SEO will help make your website popular on the internet, so you can get more visibility. With the on-page techniques we can get visibility in search engines But only off-page SEO techniques will help improve your website position in SERP. Take a look at the list of top 10 best off-page SEO techniques we follow.

  1. Social Media Engagement

A major Off-page SEO technique is social media engagement. If you want to make your business, website or blog popular, engage with people on various social media sites / platforms. Social media presence will help grow your online business and also help you get more back links, online strong signals to your website. We focus on major social media sites and generate strong signals towards your website.


List of Few Top social networking sites

S.No Social Networking Sites DA PA PR
1 100 97 10
2 100 97 9
3 100 97 9
4 100 96 9
5 100 96 9
  1. Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites are one of the best platforms to promote your website links. When you bookmark your webpage or blog post on popular social bookmarking websites, you attract high traffic to your webpage or blog site. There are thousands of Social Bookmarking sites. We do it manually and at right place in right category.

List of Few Popular and high PR Bookmarking Websites

S.No Social bookmarking sites DA PA PR
1 98 96 8
2 98 90 8
3 99 96 7
4 94 95 7
5 92 65 7
6 99 95 7
  1. Forum Submission

Participation in search forums which are related to your website and make interaction with that community. Reply to threads, answer people’s questions and give your suggestions and advice. Make use of “Do-Follow” forums for your website link sharing. There are thousands of Forums, but we carefully select it and do submission manually at right place in right category.


List of Few Best high PR forums

S.No Forum Submission Sites DA PA PR
1 98 61 9
2 100 57 8
3 79 64 7
4 88 90 7
5 88 44 4
  1. Blog Directory Submission

 Directory Submission is done by Ethios on regular basis to build quality back links to your website. Choosing an effective directory and selecting the right category. It takes quite some time to deliver good results, but these results stand out over a longer time period. There are thousands of Blog Directory sites, but we carefully select it and do submission manually at right place in right category.

  List of Few Best Free directory submission list

S.No Blog Directory Submission Sites DA PA PR
1 91 89 8
2 99 95 7
3 91 92 7
4 36 42 6
5 49 57 5
  1. Article Submission

Submitting your articles in high PR article submission directory. We Make sure your content is unique and of high quality. Low quality content and content that has more keyword stuffing might get rejected. Choose the correct category and give a good title to your content. There are thousands of sites, but we carefully selects it and do submission manually at right place in right category..

List of Few Best Free Article Submission sites

S.No Article Submission Sites DA PA PR
1 78 82 7
2 54 61 6
3 89 92 6
4 87 89 6
5 68 73 5
  1. Question and Answer

One of the best ways to get high Website traffic is from question and answer websites. We Join high PR question and answer websites and search for questions related to your business, blog or website and give answers to these questions. Giving a link to your website which will help in bringing you more visibility. There are Hundreds of related sites, but we carefully select it and do submission manually at right place in right category.

 List of Few Best Question and Answer Websites

S.No Question and Answer Sites DA PA PR
1 100 91 8
2 97 69 8
3 87 90 7
4 49 57 4
5 90 91 6
  1. Video Submission

If you want to make your videos popular, head to popular video submission sites. We Give a proper title, description, tags and reference links to your video. It is one of the more popular ways to get quality back links because all video submission websites have high PR. There are Hundreds of video submission sites, but we carefully selects it and do submission manually at right place in right category. 

List of Few Best Video sharing sites

S.No Video Submission Sites DA PA PR
1 100 97 9
2 98 97 9
3 94 95 8
4 79 82 7
5 88 90 7
6 82 86 6
7 86 89 6
8 94 77 5
  1. Image Submission

Share your photos on popular image submission websites. Before submitting your images please optimize those with the correct URL and title tag. Before submitting your images, check if that they have a proper title, description and tags related to your business.

There are many image submission sites, but we carefully selects it and do submission manually at right place in right category.

 List of Few Best Image sharing sites

S.No Image Submission Sites DA PA PR
1 98 97 9
2 97 96 9
3 100 91 8
4 98 96 8
5 92 93 7
6 95 93 6
7 89 91 6
8 84 87 6
9 74 79 6
  1. Infographics Submission

Make creative infographics. These days, infographics are getting popular on the internet. Submit your infographics on infographics submission websites and give reference links to your webpage or blog. The image sizes differ with different websites. There are many related sites, but we carefully selects it and do submission manually at right place in right category.

List of Few Best Infographics Submission Sites

S.No Infographics Submission Sites DA PA PR
1 84 87 7
2 99 55 4
3 44 50 4
4 38 48 4
5 26 38 2
6 40 49 2
  1. Document Sharing

Create attractive documents relating to your business or blog. The documents should have unique content and should be in either pdf or ppt formats. Submit these documents in the document sharing websites. There are many document sharing sites, but we carefully selects it and do submission manually at right place in right category.

List of Few Best Document Sharing Sites

S.No Document Sharing Websites DA PA PR
1 94 95 9
2 95 95 8
3 92 93 8
4 92 81 7
5 67 71 5



Proper On-page and Off-page optimization work will give a better position to your website on GOOGLE. Definitely #1 Google Page Ranking in few months. We follow ETHICAL – ORGANIC – WHITEHAT SEO practices.


What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is the process of altering a website (text, titles, meta tags, alt tags, etc) so that the search engines will assign a better rank to the site for specific search terms and keywords.
SEO is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. SEO comprises both the technical and creative elements which are required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in major search engines.

There are many aspects to SEO, from the keywords on your page to the way other sites links to you on the web. Sometimes SEO is simply a matter of making sure your site is structured in a way that search engines finds you appropriately.
SEO isn’t just about building search engine-friendly websites. It’s about making your site better for people too. Finding the terms and phrases (keywords) that generate traffic to your website, to making your Website friendly to various search engines, building backlinks and presenting the unique value of your site. If you are confused about your business segments, keyword phrases, terms, you are at right place with Ethios and we are here to help regarding charting out perfect SEO campaign which is personalized and customized as per your business and recommendations.


Which Type of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Best for my Website?

There are two major types of search engine optimization, white hat search engine optimization (the ‘good’ kind), and black hat (the ‘not so good’ kind) and blackhat doesn’t follow proper search engine guidelines.

We recommend only white hat search engine optimization (the ‘good’ kind), Ethical SEO with Organic Keywords through Ethios – as the name shows Ethical Organic Seo only. Organic SEO is the best approach.


SEO is comprised of two different activities.

On-Page SEO includes:

  • Incorporating selective keyword naturally into title tags, meta descriptions, heading tags, alt text, etc.
  • Blog posts and page copy that is written and optimized with quality
  • Clean URL and formatting page URL’s
  • Optimizing page loading speed
  • Google authorship incorporated
  • Social sharing integration within your content
  • And many more.


Off-Page SEO includes:

  • Creating a high quality, natural backlink profile ( having other high quality/authoritative websites backlink to your site naturally)
  • Social sharing signals and presence
  • Social bookmarking.
  • List goes on here too.

Why does any website need SEO?

The majority of web traffic is driven by the major commercial search engines, Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. Although social media and other types of traffic can create visits to your website. Investing in SEO can have an exceptional rate of return compared to other types of marketing and promotion.
Search engines are the primary method of navigation for most Internet users and if proper SEO is done to your website with all the relevant content, services, products, information, then there are high chance of generating leads and booming your online business.
Search engines are unique because they provide targeted traffic to your online business website through people looking for what you offer. Search engines are the guiding pathways that make this happen. If search engines like Google cannot find your site, or add your content to their databases, you miss out on opportunities to generate online traffic to your website.
Search queries—the words that users type into the search box—carry unique value. Our Experience shows that search engine traffic can make or even break an organization’s success. Targeted traffic to a website can generate publicity, revenue, and provide exposure like no other channel of marketing.

One of the most important digital marketing services is search engine optimization (SEO). There are Professional SEO services which are also taken to increase traffic on the website. SEO services are taken to increase visibility of the website on the search engine.

A good SEO results prompts the website to appear higher on the search engine. The high rank of the website can also be attained through effective SEO. SEO can target different kinds of search. The image search, local search, video search and academic search can be targeted in search engine optimization.


Why can’t the search engines like Google can not figure out my website without SEO?

Search engines are smart, clever but they still need the help. The major engines are always working to improve their technology to crawl the web more deeply and provide better results to Internet users but there is a limit to how search engines can operate. So,Right SEO can bring you thousands of visitors and increased your visibility at various search engines.
Not only it helps in making content available to various search engines but also helps boost website rankings so that content will be placed where searchers will more readily find it. The Internet is becoming increasingly competitive, and those companies who perform SEO will have a decided advantage in visitors and customers.


Is it possible to do SEO myself?

No.The work of SEO is complex and most people can only understand the basics. Free SEO education is widely available on the internet. Any wrong moves or wrong SEO can hide or bury your site deep in the search results where visibility is minimal or even may bring virus to your website. Choose Ethios.


How Do I find Best SEO Expert Company?

If you are serious about your online business and wants to improving search traffic , generate leads and wants to generate more business then contact our seo expert company- Ethios.

Why should you as a small business owner be concerned about search engine optimization (SEO)?

  1. Because you want to provide visitors to your website with such a fantastic user experience that they will tell others
    2. Because you want to provide search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo critical information so they will place your site in the top 5 spots on the returns page
    The job of a search engine is to take the information typed in by the user and locate the most relevant websites using those keywords. Simply put, if you are not engaging in SEO, you are not on that first page of results – the other guy is! By investing in search engine marketing, you are staying competitive with those other guys while giving your brand name exposure 24 hours, 7 days a week and are sure to gain new customers – even while you sleep.




What Are The Qualities of The Best SEO Company?

Any SEO Company looking for client first ought to have a proven track record of itself and credibility. The features are very important and critical, for they will ensure how well your website do in the longer run. The SEO Services Company should has a good clientele.

Ethios is one of the leading SEO Company in Pune India which has a good optimization team deployed with the latest tools at their disposal. The tools would ensure that the process goes off well and a good team in place would lay down the foundation for quality seo work.

The SEO Company in India or the SEO Services Company you approach ought to show all these qualities and only then can it succeed as a potential choice. Your choice will determine the fate of your website promotion and remember its fate will ultimately determine how well your business does in the long run.

Your business will only get a right identity when the services provided to you for seo are good and effective. Without that your site is heading nowhere and will not at all achieve anything in the long run. So keep the choice good while selecting Best Seo Company and see your site growing.

SEO Company in Pune is well located and you can contact us for the service you need.


Types of Search Engine Optimization Services Provided by Ethios SEO Service Experts in Pune India.

Businesses are of different types and each business requires a unique optimization campaign. Hence, the need for distinct SEO approaches and process arises. The websites are modified to attain high rankings. There are two main types of optimization services, ON PAGE optimization SEO services and OFF PAGE optimization SEO services.

Ethios Best SEO Services dealing in ON PAGE Optimization involves the fine tuning of the website content. This helps the Website to rank high on various search engines. The main services included in this type are Right keyword analysis, Right website content with Right keyword density, HTML coding modification, optimized titles, META Tags, individual search engine submission methodologies and website promotions. All of them are actively done over the web and ensure that the website steadily keeps rising and indexing up on the search engine rankings.

Ethios Professional SEO experts service in Pune India provides a lot of OFF PAGE SEO Optimization as well. This deals with implementation of a High QUALITY Link Building Strategies which will Ramp up your Website Traffic.

These strategies are implemented over the web gradually over a period of time. All of this helps a great deal in enhancing link popularity and reputation. Your businesses gets only highly qualified links. The website gets submitted to the top search engines. This results in lot of link sharing which automatically results in the website getting a very good rank in various search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing. Then there are several other techniques to do SEO as well such as site evaluation, website audit, site assessment etc.

Ethios Best SEO Services in Pune India incorporates all of these or at times some of them seo practices depending on the requirements of the website. Ethios SEO expert Pune knows how to work on various seo assignments and use their service in such a way that it achieves right results.

There are some of the varied optimization campaigns that get used for various projects. The results that come out too are very diverse in nature. It all depends on the type of website that comes over to be handled. A good and extensive SWOT analysis is performed on it by the strategists. Conclusions are drawn and accordingly, the work on the campaign is started.

Main aim of any search engine optimization company or SEO company.

The main aim of any search engine optimization company or SEO company in Pune, India is to divert maximum traffic to the website on which it is working. To achieve this goal, the seo company will have to take care of all aspects of a website. Some important tasks that that a Ethios SEO experts in Pune India performs regularly on your website.

  • It has to search for keywords that are most relevant to your business.
  • It has to submit content (articles, press releases, blogs etc.) to various articles directories and forums.


The above tasks of Ethios Best Seo Services in pune India are performed for every client. It requires lot of expertise and good seo knowledge about the latest developments in the seo field.

Internet world is highly dynamic; therefore a SEO should be as dynamic as well. However, one also needs to optimize that site properly so that it may be picked up by search engines and displayed on their first page results of Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Type of SEO practices followed by Ethios Seo Service Provider in Pune in Pune India.

SEO services can be classified into two categories. First ones are those who are known as White Hat SEO, and the second ones are known as Black Hat SEO. A WHITE hat SEO does not employ unethical means to get higher rankings in internet search engine results. It obeys all the rules & regulations of search engines, articles directories etc.

On the other hand, BLACK hat SEO employs unethical means to gain higher ranking in internet searches. It uses spam content and hidden text to achieve its aim. While black hat may give you short term benefits, its long term repercussions may be highly harmful. The search engines may ban such a company and it may be penalized as well.

These days, SEO is being increasingly associated with social media activities. An expert SEO services company could increase fan following for your sites on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, linkedin etc. In this way, it could direct more traffic to your site.

There is lot more that one has to do as part of SEO services. One has to analyze the competitors’ sites and take steps accordingly. Besides this, one also has to do keyword research analysis and anchor text optimization. A SEO services company also has to ensure that the navigation of site is user friendly and all links provided on the site are working properly and correctly.

SEO Consulting Services provided by the Ethios SEO Consultants in Pune India.

The SEO Consultant Services provided by the Ethios SEO Consultants in Pune are strategy based and well researched. The Seo services have been crafted and well thought of. They have been done with a commitment towards excellence. The Consultations covers all the aspects of an SEO process.

It includes advice on link building, content writing, website designing, social bookmarking, directory submissions, article submissions, Meta Tagging etc. and a lot of other practices involved.

The website deserves the finest of service and for this to take shape, only the best SEO Company in Pune town ought to be hired.


Professional SEO Firm in Pune (Ethios).


A professional SEO Firm in Pune (Ethios) practices the finest of SEO practices. It strictly uses white hat seo methods. Its SEO Services are tailor made and well strategized, focused on highlighting the pros of seo and playing down the cons.

Ethios SEO Company in Pune incorporates all the organic methods to optimize the site, ensuring that the site gets highest ranking from the search engine spiders.

Link building is done in all three forms: one way, reciprocal and three-way. Content is suggested extensively with keywords being positioned strategically and with calculation. Tags and bookmarks too are done. The whole campaign is calculated well with creativity and strategically.

Internet marketing has become an integral part of website growth and has ensured that the website gets the phenomenal growth, visibility and excellence.

Ethios SEO Services in Pune India ensures that the internet marketing and optimization go in properly. SEO optimizes a website and takes it to the top of the search rankings in various Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The tags and the book marks help end users to locate the website. They are able to trace it out. The submissions again contribute to the back links. All these approaches and practices play in well together and show results that matter, to the public.

Ethios Professional SEO Services Expert Company India doing a website seo and promotion knows there are competitors out and they are trying to have it moved out of its first spot. Our Seo expert services in Pune keeps bringing variations on time and gives search engines something different to smell and taste.

Ethios SEO Services get outsourced because companies want to focus and channel their synergies towards handling core businesses. These services are outsourced to our professional establishments which know how to handle the seo business properly.

Organic SEO Services in India have their own range of benefits. An SEO Campaign that is performed on a website results in increased targeted traffic.The better the SEO Services through the Ethios SEO Service Experts in Pune, India the more the traffic. The more the traffic is, the more the word-of-mouth and publicity.

Brands have been successfully built because of these services, as the optimization lends the website a lot of visibility. These are some of the benefits that come with Organic SEO Services provided by Ethios Seo experts in Pune India.


Hiring SEO Expert For Best SEO Services Pune India.

The SEO Expert in Pune India you end up hiring should be so skilled in his work that a glance at your website should be enough for the organization to tell you the repair it needs. This comes from experience and expertise. Ethios SEO Experts in Pune work on a variety of SEO Services, assignments and optimize a diverse range of websites. SEO Services in Pune are provided by highly skilled SEO Experts (Ethios).

Your website is special and you need good seo service. This seo service will take your website to the top of various Search Engines and increase its rankings worldwide. Any failure in seo will have severe implications on company website business.

SEO Services in Pune India we provide is done such that it targets the right customer base. Ethios SEO Services in India is one of the best in Pune India and also the finest on the block. The SEO firm India that gets hired first goes through a reference check, has its credentials verified and samples seen.

This is one SEO firm in Pune India which believes in delivery on time and with quality. The SEO Services or the search engine optimization features that are put into work are full of quality. The whole essence of the website optimization is towards getting the website a high search engine rank. Ethios SEO Company India does that, and does it well.

Organic SEO methods are a great way of pulling in traffic and have that effect over the web.

For sure, there are so many questions you have in your mind. Don’t worry; Ethios seo services in Pune are the answer to your every question.


Why India Is perfect for SEO Services?

Every corporate body would like to boost their sales and individuals to their websites. To draw in visitors you must have a good web site. To permit it visit by every visitor sure it should be ranked in the top of google search result. The treatment to consider your website in top rank of results is known as search engine marketing as well as the services offered by options Search engine optimization. With the help of Internet marketing services you can make your blog unique sufficient reason for top quality of content and also other requirements of internet sites. SEO India creates blogs to advertise your website. Blog marketing enhances traffic and website sale. In Internet marketing services, link building is known as very useful. It requires good care of the web site design, graphics etc. Search engine optimization USA has produced boom in online marketing because it makes the products open to a persons. Internet promotion depends on SEO services. Oahu is the fastest way to find a lot of clients through internet.

You may get more site yourself or employ a SEO company to outsource work. Unless you want any mistake on the websites with good results prefer SEO service. All firms must have SEO want to make their websites highly ranked searching engine result. The web site promotion is done because of the search engine optimisation and marketing. Search engine optimization firm is likely to make work websites ranking high, optimization and marketing. Professional are only able to work best in their field identical to SEO experts. SEO Company costs low for their service and give quality services. Working with a Seo agency is the greatest decision for website promotion. Indian SEO companies are capable of handling Best SEO Company in Pune and small business houses SEO projects. Like just work at a moment on many projects. They satisfy their client’s requirements and demands. Search engine optimization company in India is well located and you may contact then for your service you’ll need.

For Internet marketing services, India has developed into a best opted area for outsourcing. Different countries like Australia, USA, Canada and UK outsource their large business to India. Companies outsource their SEO attempt to India. In India they get services for the most part affordable rates. India offers many choices associated with a reverse phone lookup .There are many SEO professional experts in India. In case you engage a Search engine optimization firm from India you shouldn’t to think about your internet site. SEO London gives you latest website development and high-end graphics software. To post content for websites you may need good English which is surely possible in India. So you can have nice content on your own website. Moreover you will get no loss, should you have right people to the work together with right technical knowledge at affordable rates. This will boost your business to more heights and carry your self on the superior. The process of SEO is divided into two main type organic and algorithmic SEO. In organic type, it will become straightforward for customers to search you looking engine pages. In algorithmic type, SEO increases search results relevance by making use of keywords and Info.

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